The Growth and Decay of Ice (Studies in Polar Research)

The Growth and Decay of Ice (Studies in Polar Research)

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G. S. H. Lock
Cambridge University Press
Edition: New Ed, 2008-08-21
EAN 9780521021937, ISBN10: 0521021936

Paperback, 456 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2.6 cm
Language: English

Ice exists in water, in air, in earth and in living organisms. The purpose of this book is to describe in mathematical, physical and biological terms, the growth and decay of ice, on a scale ranging from molecular to macroscopic. Consideration of the growth of ice in each of the above contexts provides a clearer understanding of the processes involved and results in a comprehensive overview not available elsewhere. This book will be of particular use to any graduate student, scientist or engineer requiring an introduction and reference for ice-related projects: theoretical or experimental; in the laboratory or the field.