The Growth and Decay of Ice (Studies in Polar Research)

The Growth and Decay of Ice (Studies in Polar Research)

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G. S. H. Lock
Cambridge University Press
Edition: New Ed, 8/21/2008
EAN 9780521021937, ISBN10: 0521021936

Paperback, 456 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2.6 cm
Language: English

Ice exists in water, in air, in earth and in living organisms. The purpose of this book is to describe in mathematical, physical and biological terms, the growth and decay of ice, on a scale ranging from molecular to macroscopic. Consideration of the growth of ice in each of the above contexts provides a clearer understanding of the processes involved and results in a comprehensive overview not available elsewhere. This book will be of particular use to any graduate student, scientist or engineer requiring an introduction and reference for ice-related projects: theoretical or experimental; in the laboratory or the field.

Part I. Introduction
1. Ice in the heavens
2. Ice ages
3. The incidence of ice
4. The response to ice
Part II. Thermodynamics of Ice
5. Classical laws and principles
6. The Gibbs function and phase change
7. The Gibbs function and chemical potential diffusion in ice, water and water vapour
8. Metastability and the freezing point
9. Morphology and microenergetics
10. Thermal properties
11. Nucleation interfacial conditions and growth
Part III. The Stefan Problem
12. The simplified model and its variations
13. The Neumann solution
14. Physico-mathematical analysis
15. Analytic techniques
16. Numerical techniques
Part IV. Ice and Water
17. Freezing of solutions and suspensions
18. Formation of an ice cover
19. Growth of an ice cover
20. The effect of natural convection on planar growth
21. The effect of forced convection on planar growth
22. Freezing inside cavities and conduits
23. Freezing on submerged bodies
Part V. Ice and Air
24. Deposition of water vapour
25. Accretion
26. Atmospheric ice
27. Icing of airborne structures
28. Icing of waterborne and offshore structures
29. Icing of land-based structures and equipment
Part VI. Ice and earth
30. Surface energy exchange
31. Freezing on the Earth
32. The pore system
its architecture, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics
33. Freezing in the Earth
Part VII. Ice and Life
34. Water in the biosphere
35. Freezing of biofluids
36. The cell freezing of unicellular organisms
37. Freezing in plants
38. Freezing in animals
39. Freezing of foods
Part VIII. Decay of Ice
40. Reversibility and symmetry
41. Melting of single ice crystals
42. Melting of polycrystalline ice
43. Decay of an ice cover
44. Ablation of atmospheric and structural icing
45. Thawing of soil
46. Thawing of organisms
Selected bibliography