The Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques

The Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques

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Elizabeth Krupinski Edited by Ehsan Samei
Cambridge University Press, 7/10/2014
EAN 9781107424630, ISBN10: 1107424631

Paperback, 438 pages, 27.9 x 21.6 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

This state-of-the-art book reviews key issues and methods in medical image perception research through associated techniques, illustrations and examples. Written by key figures in the field, the book covers a range of topics including the history of medical image perception research, the basics of vision and cognition, and dedicated application areas, especially those concerned with the interface between the clinician and the display of medical image data. It summarises many of the basic techniques used to conduct and analyse medical image perception and observer performance research, allowing readers to understand basic research techniques so they can adopt them for use in their own studies. Written for both newcomers to the field and experienced researchers, this book provides a broad overview of medical image perception, and will serve as a reference volume for years to come.

1. Medical image perception Ehsan Samei and Elizabeth Krupinski
Part I. Historical Reflections and Theoretical Foundations
2. A short history of image perception in medical radiology Harold Kundel and Calvin Nodine
3. Spatial vision research without noise Arthur Burgess
4. Signal detection theory, a brief history Arthur Burgess
5. Signal detection in radiology Arthur Burgess
6. Lessons from dinners with the giants of modern image science Robert Wagner
Part II. Science of Image Perception
7. Perceptual factors in reading medical images Elizabeth Krupinski
8. Cognitive factors in reading medical images David Manning
9. Satisfaction of search in traditional radiographic imaging Kevin Berbaum, Edmund Franken, Robert Caldwell and Kevin Schartz
10. The role of expertise in radiologic image interpretation Calvin Nodine and Claudia Mello-Thoms
11. A primer of image quality and its perceptual relevance Robert Saunders and Ehsan Samei
12. Beyond the limitations of human vision Maria Petrou
Part III. Perception Metrology
13. Logistical issues in designing perception experiments Ehsan Samei and Xiang Li
14. ROC analysis
basic concepts and practical applications Georgia Tourassi
15. Multi-reader ROC Steve Hillis
16. Recent developments in FROC methodology Dev Chakraborty
17. Observer models as a surrogate to perception experiments Craig Abbey and Miguel Eckstein
18. Implementation of observer models Matthew Kupinski
Part IV. Decision Support and Computer Aided Detection
19. CAD
an image perception perspective Maryellen Giger and Weijie Chen
20. Common designs of CAD studies Yulei Jiang
21. Perceptual effect of CAD in reading chest images Matthew Freedman and Teresa Osicka
22. Perceptual issues in mammography and CAD Michael Ulissey
23. How perceptual factors affect the use and accuracy of CAD for interpretation of CT images Ronald Summers
24. CAD
risks and benefits for radiologists' decisions Eugenio Alberdi, Andrey Povyakalo, Lorenzo Strigini and Peter Ayton
Part V. Optimization and Practical Issues
25. Optimization of 2D and 3D radiographic systems Jeff Siewerdson
26. Applications of AFC methodology in optimization of CT imaging systems Kent Ogden and Walter Huda
27. Perceptual issues in reading mammograms Margarita Zuley
28. Perceptual optimization of display processing techniques Richard Van Metter
29. Optimization of display systems Elizabeth Krupinski and Hans Roehrig
30. Ergonomic radiologist workplaces in the PACS environment Carl Zylack
Part VI. Epilogue
31. Future prospects of medical image perception Ehsan Samei and Elizabeth Krupinski