The 'Healthy' Embryo: Social, Biomedical, Legal And Philosophical Perspectives

The 'Healthy' Embryo: Social, Biomedical, Legal And Philosophical Perspectives

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Jeff Nisker
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 1/29/2010
EAN 9780521748131, ISBN10: 0521748135

Paperback, 298 pages, 23.6 x 15.5 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

Public attention on embryo research has never been greater. Modern reproductive medicine technology and the use of embryos to generate stem cells ensure that this will continue to be a topic of debate and research across many disciplines. This multidisciplinary book explores the concept of a 'healthy' embryo, its implications on the health of children and adults, and how perceptions of what constitutes child and adult health influence the concept of embryo 'health'. The concept of human embryo health is considered from preconception to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to recent foetal surgical approaches. Burgeoning capacities in both genetic and reproductive science and their clinical implications have catalysed the necessity to explore the concept of a 'healthy' embryo. The authors are from five countries and 13 disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, biological sciences and medicine, ensuring that the book has a broad coverage and approach.

Contributor bioprofiles
Part I. Human Embryos
1. What are human embryos and how do we know? Jane Maienschein and Jason Scott Robert
2. Human embryos
donors' and non-donors' perspectives on embryo moral status Jackie Leach Scully, Christoph Rehmann-Sutter and Rouven Porz
3. Property, privacy, and other legal constructions of human embryos Radhika Rao
4. Informed consent for the age of pluripotency and embryo triage
from alienation, anonymity, and altruism to connection, contact, and care Charis Thompson
Part II. Almost Human Embryos
5. Interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer José Cibelli and Kai Wang
6. Parthenogenesis and other strategies to create human embryos for stem cell research and regenerative medicine Paul De Sousa
7. Creating humanesque embryos Françoise Baylis
Part III. 'Healthy' Human Embryos
8. A visual dialogue on 'healthy' human embryos from the 16th to 21st centuries Lianne McTavish
9. Social determinants of 'health' of embryos Roxanne Mykitiuk and Jeff Nisker
10. Preconceived human embryos and taking care of their 'health' Isabel Karpin
11. Public understandings of a 'healthy' embryo
a citizen deliberation on preimplantation genetic diagnosis Susan M. Cox and Jeff Nisker
Part IV. 'Healthy' Human Embryos and Research
12. Donating fresh versus frozen embryos to stem cell research
in whose interests? Carolyn McLeod and Françoise Baylis
13. Informed choice in embryo donation for research purposes Angela White and Robyn Bluhm
Part V. 'Healthy' Human Embryos and Reproduction
14. Making embryos healthy or making healthy embryos
how much of a difference between prenatal treatment and selection? David Wasserman and Adrienne Asch
15. The ethics of preventing disease by preventing people Daniel M. Weinstock
16. 'Healthy' human embryos and symbolic harm Elisabeth Gedge
17. Saviour siblings, disease avoidance and embryo health Sally Sheldon and Stephen Wilkinson