The High-Mountain Cryosphere

The High-Mountain Cryosphere

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Andreas Kääb Edited by Christian Huggel
Cambridge University Press, 8/20/2015
EAN 9781107065840, ISBN10: 1107065844

Hardcover, 376 pages, 26.2 x 18.5 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

This edited volume, showcasing cutting-edge research, addresses two primary questions - what are the main drivers of change in high-mountains and what are the risks implied by these changes? From a physical perspective, it examines the complex interplay between climate and the high-mountain cryosphere, with further chapters covering tectonics, volcano-ice interactions, hydrology, slope stability, erosion, ecosystems, and glacier- and snow-related hazards. Societal dimensions, both global and local, of high-mountain cryospheric change are also explored. The book offers unique perspectives on high-mountain cultures, livelihoods, governance and natural resources management, focusing on how global change influences societies and how people respond to climate-induced cryospheric changes. An invaluable reference for researchers and professionals in cryospheric science, geomorphology, climatology, environmental studies and human geography, this volume will also be of interest to practitioners working in global change and risk, including NGOs and policy advisors.

1. Introduction
human-environment dynamics in the high-mountain cryosphere Christian Huggel, Mark Carey, John J. Clague and Andreas Kääb
Part I. Global Drivers
2. Influence of climate variability and large-scale circulation on the mountain cryosphere Imtiaz Rangwala, Nick Pepin, Mathias Vuille and James Miller
3. Temperature, precipitation, and related extremes Nadine Salzmann, Simon C. Scherrer, Simon Allen and Mario Rohrer
4. Snow and avalanches Sven Fuchs, Margreth Keiler and Sergey Sokratov
5. The frozen frontier
the extractives super cycle in a time of glacier recession Jeffrey Bury
6. Cultural values of glaciers Christine Jurt, Julie Brugger, Katherine W. Dunbar, Kerry Milch and Ben Orlove
Part II. Processes
7. Implications for hazard and risk of seismic and volcanic responses to climate change in the high-mountain cryosphere Bill McGuire
8. Catastrophic mass wasting in high mountains Oliver Korup and Stuart Dunning
9. Glacier- and permafrost-related slope instabilities Michael Krautblatter and Kerry Leith
10. Erosion and sediment flux in mountain watersheds Dieter Rickenmann and Matthias Jakob
11. Glaciers as water resources Bryan Mark, Michel Baraer, Alfonso Fernández, Walter Immerzeel, R. Daniel Moore and Rolf Weingartner
12. Glacier floods Duncan Quincey and Jonathan Carrivick
13. Ecosystem change in high tropical mountains Kenneth Young
Part III. Consequences and Responses
14. The honour of the snow-mountains is the snow
Tibetan livelihoods in a changing climate Hildegard Diemberger, Astrid Hovden and Emily T. Yeh
15. Ice-clad volcanoes Richard Waitt, Benjamin R. Edwards and Andrew G. Fountain
16. Debris-flow activity from high-elevation, periglacial environments Markus Stoffel and Cristoph Graf
17. Contextualizing conflict
vital waters and competing values in glaciated environments Adam French, Javiera Barandiarán and Costanza Rampini
Part IV. Conclusions
18. Synthesis and conclusions
the future of high-mountain cryospheric research Mark Carey, Christian Huggel, John J. Clague and Andreas Kääb.