The History of the English Organ

The History of the English Organ

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Stephen Bicknell
Cambridge University Press, 2012-04-25
EAN 9780521654098, ISBN10: 0521654092

Hardcover, 430 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 2.5 cm

This standard work on the history of organs built in England between AD 900 and the present day takes full advantage of recent research and new discoveries. It describes the most significant instruments of each period together with details of their builders, set against a background of changing fashions in music and liturgy. Technical developments are described in an easily understood manner, and links with other schools of organ building are made clear for the first time. The illustrations, many of which have not been published before, show significant instruments in their architectural setting. The author's experience in organ building gives the account all the benefits of first-hand experience. Written in an elegant, entertaining, and informed manner, the book is a vital and much-needed addition to current organ literature. Awarded the biennial Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize for the best book-length study of musical instruments published in the two year period 1996-1997.

'It is unlikely that a finer book on this subject could yet be written in our century ... it is now the standard book. Hard-backed, its more than 400 pages supersede all others.' Church Times