The Hudson River Estuary

The Hudson River Estuary

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Cambridge University Press, 1/9/2006
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Hardcover, 488 pages, 26.2 x 18.3 x 2.8 cm
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The Hudson River Estuary is a comprehensive look at the physical, chemical, biological and environmental management issues that are important to our understanding of the Hudson River. Chapters cover the entire range of fields necessary to understanding the workings of the Hudson River estuary; the physics, bedrock geological setting and sedimentological processes of the estuary; ecosystem-level processes and biological interactions; and environmental issues such as fisheries, toxic substances, and the effect of nutrient input from densely populated areas. This 2006 book places special emphasis on important issues specific to the Hudson, such as the effect of power plants and high concentrations of PCBs. The chapters are written by specialists at a level that is accessible to students, teachers and the interested layperson. The Hudson River Estuary is a fascinating scientific biography of a major estuary, with relevance to the study of any similar natural system in the world.

1. The Hudson River Estuary
executive summary
Part I. Geological, Physical and Chemical Setting of the Hudson
2. The Hudson River Valley
geological history, landforms and resources
3. The Physical oceanography processes of the Hudson River
4. Sedimentary processes in the Hudson River Estuary
5. Benthic habitat mapping in the Hudson River Estuary
6. Reconstructing sediment chronologies in the Hudson River Estuary
7. Major ion geochemistry and drinking water supply issues in the Hudson River Basin
Part II. Primary Production, Microbial Dynamics and Nutrient Dynamics of the Hudson
8. Bacterial abundance, growth and metabolism in the tidal freshwater Hudson River
9. Primary production and its regulation in the tidal-freshwater Hudson River
10. Wastewater and watershed influences on primary productivity and oxygen dynamics in the lower Hudson River Estuary
11. Modeling primary production in the lower Hudson River Estuary
Part III. Hudson River Communities, Food Webs and Fisheries
12. Larval migrations between the Hudson River Estuary and New York Bight
13. The diadromous fish fauna of the Hudson River
life histories, conservation concerns, and research avenues
14. Fisheries of the Hudson River Estuary
15. The role of tributaries in the biology of Hudson River fishes
16. Ecology of the Hudson River zooplankton community
17. Submerged macrophyte distribution and function in the tidal freshwater Hudson River
18. Long-term and large-scale patterns in the benthic communities of New York Harbor
19. The benthic animal communities of the tidal-freshwater Hudson River Estuary
20. Tidal wetlands of the Hudson River 21. Alien species in the Hudson River
Part IV. Contaminants and Management Issues of the Hudson River Estuary
22. The history and science of managing the Hudson River
23. Hudson River sewage inputs and impacts
past and present
24. PCBs in the upper and tidal-freshwater Hudson River Estuary
The science behind the dredging controversy
25. Transport, fate and bioaccumulation of PCBs in the lower Hudson River
26. Contaminant chronologies from Hudson River sedimentary records
27. Atmospheric deposition of PCBs and PAHs to the New York Harbor Estuary
28. Toxic substances and their impacts on human health in the Hudson River watershed
29. Impacts of piers on juvenile fishes in the lower Hudson River
30. Toxic responses of Hudson River populations to chemical contaminants.