The Impact of Idealism 4 Volume Set: The Impact of Idealism: The Legacy of Post-Kantian German Thought: Volume 4

The Impact of Idealism 4 Volume Set: The Impact of Idealism: The Legacy of Post-Kantian German Thought: Volume 4

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Cambridge University Press, 11/21/2013
EAN 9781107039858, ISBN10: 1107039851

Hardcover, 331 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

The first study of its kind, The Impact of Idealism assesses the impact of classical German philosophy on science, religion and culture. This fourth volume explores German Idealism's impact on theology and religious ideas in the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. With contributions from leading scholars, this collection not only demonstrates the vast range of Idealism's theological influence across different centuries, countries, continents, traditions and religions, but also, in doing so, provides fresh insight into the original ideas and themes with which Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Schelling and others were concerned. As well as tracing out the Idealist influence in the work of nineteenth- and twentieth-century theologians, philosophers of religion, and theological traditions, from Schleiermacher, to Karl Barth, to Radical Orthodoxy, the essays in this collection bring each debate up to date with a strong focus on Idealism's contemporary relevance.

the impact of idealism on religion Nicholas Adams
1. The impact of idealism on Christology from Hegel to Tillich Martin Wendte
2. German Idealism's Trinitarian legacy
the nineteenth century Dale Schlitt
3. German Idealism's Trinitarian legacy
the twentieth century Dale Schlitt
4. Kierkegaard, Hegelianism and the theology of the paradox Joel D. S. Rasmussen
5. Biblical hermeneutics from Kant to Gadamer Nicholas Boyle
6. Aesthetic idealism and its relation to theological formation
reception and critique Cyril O'Regan
7. The autonomy of theology and the impact of Idealism from Hegel to Radical Orthodoxy John Walker
8. Faith and reason Nicholas Adams
9. Rabbinic idealism and Kabbalistic realism
Jewish dimensions of idealism and idealist dimensions of Judaism Paul Franks
10. 'In the arms of gods'
Schelling, Hegel and the problem of mythology George S. Williamson
11. Dialectic and analogy
a theological legacy Rowan Williams.

'This unprecedented collection by scholars from the UK, US, and Europe chronicles the rise of German Idealism and reveals its enduring influence on virtually every area of modern thought and action from philosophy to science, society and politics, the practice, criticism, and theory of the arts, and religion.' Paul Guyer, University of Pennsylvania

'The Impact of Idealism is a monumental achievement, a bold attempt to fathom the legacy of German idealism in every sphere of culture. The extent and the depth of the enterprise, in its four volumes, is staggering. Nothing like it has been done before, and it is unlikely that anything like it will ever be attempted again. It is the product of an impressive array of scholars, virtually everyone who is anyone in the field. It is sure to be the standard work on the subject. Anyone whose work touches on German idealism, which is almost all of us, will need to read it.' Frederick Beiser, Syracuse University