The Individual in the Changing Working Life

The Individual in the Changing Working Life

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Cambridge University Press, 12/2/2010
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Working life has been the subject of great change in recent years with contemporary conditions generally providing increased opportunities and autonomy for individuals. But these benefits can coincide with greater demands and responsibilities, increasing the pressure to work outside of traditional working hours and so creating conflict between work and family life. This book contributes towards our understanding of contemporary working life, considering how recent changes have affected the work climates, attitudes and well-being of individuals. Combining traditional theoretical frameworks with innovative research, it discusses both the positive and negative effects contemporary working life has on organizations and employees. International experts in the fields of work and organizational psychology present strategies to prevent negative working conditions and help individuals achieve a healthy work–life balance.

1. The individual in the changing working life
introduction Katharina Näswall, Johnny Hellgren and Magnus Sverke
Part I. Threats and Challenges
2. New rules of work
exploring the boundaryless job Michael Allvin
3. Changing work roles
new demands and challenges Johnny Hellgren, Magnus Sverke and Katharina Näswall
4. The demand-induced strain compensation model
renewed theoretical considerations and empirical evidence Jan de Jonge, Christian Dormann and Marieke van den Tooren
5. Job insecurity and employability among temporary workers
a theoretical approach based on the psychological contract Nele De Cuyper and Hans De Witte
6. Independent contracting
finding a balance between flexibility and individual well-being Daniel G. Gallagher
7. Work–family conflict in individuals' lives
prevalence, antecedents and outcomes Ulla Kinnunen and Saija Mauno
8. My love, my life, my everything
work–home interaction among self-employed Toon W. Taris, Sabine A. E. Geurts, Michiel A. J. Kompier, Suzanne Lagerveld and Roland W. B. Blonk
9. Modern work and safety Nik Chmiel
10. Romantic relationships at work
old issues, new challenges Jennifer Carson and Julian Barling
11. Ethnic diversity at work
an overview of theories and research Wido G. M. Oerlemans, Maria C. W. Peeters and Wilmar B. Schaufeli
Part II. Individual Attempts at Restoring the Balance
12. Skeleton key or siren song
is coping the answer to balancing work and well-being? Jaco Pienaar
13. The dynamic influence of individual characteristics on employee well-being
a review of the theory, research and future directions Christopher J. L. Cunningham, Gabriel M. De La Rosa and Steve M. Jex
14. Stress and coping at work
new research trends and their implications for practice José M. Peiró
15. Work stress, coping and gender
implications for health and well-being Eva Torkelson and Tuija Muhonen
16. The role of protean career attitude during unemployment and re-employment
a literature review and conceptual model Lea Waters
Part III. Intervention and Promotion on the Organizational Level
17. Participatory action research as work stress intervention Maureen F. Dollard, Pascale Le Blanc and Sarah J. Cotton
18. Enhancing work engagement through the management of human resources Wilmar B. Schaufeli and Marisa Salanova
19. Prevention
integrating health protection and health promotion perspectives Lois E. Tetrick
20. Workplace interventions for occupational stress E. Kevin Kelloway, Joseph J. Hurrell, Jr. and Arla Day.