The Language of Space in Court Performance, 1400-1625

The Language of Space in Court Performance, 1400-1625

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Janette Dillon
Cambridge University Press, 2010-09-16
EAN 9780521886413, ISBN10: 0521886414

Hardcover, 280 pages, 23 x 22.5 x 15.4 cm

Where was the chair of Mary Queen of Scots placed for her trial? How was Smithfield set up for public executions? How many paces did the King walk forward to meet a visiting ambassador in the Presence Chamber at Greenwich? How were spectators arranged at tournaments? And why did any of this matter? Janette Dillon adds a new dimension to work on space and theatricality by providing a comparative analysis of a range of spectacular historical events. She investigates in detail the claim that early modern court culture was always inherently performative, demonstrating how every kind of performance was shaped by its own space and place. Using a range of evidence, visual as well as verbal, and illustrated with some unfamiliar as well as better known images, Dillon leads the reader to general principles and conclusions via a range of minutely observed case studies.