The Legal Status of Territories Subject to Administration by International Organisations

The Legal Status of Territories Subject to Administration by International Organisations

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Bernhard Knoll
Cambridge University Press, 6/12/2008
EAN 9780521885836, ISBN10: 0521885833

Hardcover, 554 pages, 23.4 x 15.7 x 3.7 cm
Language: English

The international community's practice of administering territories in post-conflict environments has raised important legal questions. Using Kosovo as a case study, Bernhard Knoll analyses the identity of the administrating UN organ, the ways in which the territories under consideration have acquired partial subjectivity in international law and the nature of legal obligations in the fiduciary exercise of transitional administration developed within the League of Nations' Mandate and the UN Trusteeship systems. Knoll discusses Kosovo's internal political and constitutional order and notes the absence of some of the characteristics normally found in liberal democracies, before proposing that the UN consolidates accountability guidelines related to the protection of human rights and the development of democratic standards should it engage in the transitional administration of territory.

1. Creation of internationalised territories
2. Fiduciary administration
mandates, trust and the transitory sovereignty vacuum
3. Self-determination and the personality of internationalised territories
4. 'The King's Two Bodies'
the dual functions of international administrations
5. Extent of UN-authority in Kosovo and the problem of an open-ended institution-building mandate
6. The status process
7. An anomalous legitimacy cycle
8. Properties of a transitory legal order
9. Concluding appraisal.

"...comprehensive and well-documented account of the legal quagmire associated with organizational administration of the many troubled territories analyzed in this book..."
--ASIL Newsletter [ISSUE #39: May 2009]