The Medieval European Stage, 500–1550 (Theatre in Europe: A Documentary History)

The Medieval European Stage, 500–1550 (Theatre in Europe: A Documentary History)

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Cambridge University Press, 9/27/2001
EAN 9780521246095, ISBN10: 0521246091

Hardcover, 784 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 4.1 cm
Language: English

This volume brings together a wide selection of primary source materials from the theatrical history of the Middle Ages. The focus is on Western Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the emergence of markedly Renaissance forms in Italy. Early sections of the volume are devoted to the survival of Classical tradition and the development of the liturgical drama of the Roman Catholic Church, but the main concentration is on the genesis and growth of popular religious drama in the vernacular. Each of the major medieval regions is featured, while a final section covers the pastimes and customs of the people, a record of whose traditional activities often only survives in the margins of official recognition. The documents are compiled by a team of leading scholars in the field and the over 700 documents are all presented in modern English translation.

List of documents
General editor's preface
Editor's preface
Historical table
Glossary of technical and specialised terms
Note on money
Section A. The inheritance Nick Davis
Section B. Latin liturgical drama Peter Meredith
Section C. Extra-liturgical Latin and early vernacular drama Lynette R. Muir
Section D. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales William Tydeman
Section E. France Lynette R. Muir
Section F. The German-speaking area John Tailby
Section G. Italy Michael J. Anderson
Section H. The Low Countries Elsa Strietman and Lynette R. Muir
Section I. The Iberian Peninsula (including Majorca) Louise M. Haywood
Section J. Traditions of the people
customs and folk drama Thomas Pettitt and Leif Sondergaard