The New Cambridge Medieval History: Volume 4, c.1024–c.1198, Part 1

The New Cambridge Medieval History: Volume 4, c.1024–c.1198, Part 1

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reprint, 5/21/2015
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The fourth volume of The New Cambridge Medieval History covers the eleventh and twelfth centuries, which comprised perhaps the most dynamic period in the European middle ages. This is a history of Europe, but the continent is interpreted widely to include the Near East and North Africa as well. The volume is divided into two parts of which this, the first, deals with themes, ecclesiastical and secular, and major developments in an age marked by the expansion of population, agriculture, trade, towns and the frontiers of western society; by a radical reform of the structure and institutions of the western church, and by fundamental changes in relationships with the eastern churches, Byzantium, Islam and the Jews; by the appearance of new kingdoms and states, and by the development of crusades, knighthood and law, Latin and vernacular literature, Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture, heresies and the scholastic movement.

Introduction Jonathan Riley-Smith and David Luscombe
1. The rural economy and demographic growth Robert Fossier
2. Towns and the growth of trade Derek Keene
3. Government and community, 1024–1204 Susan Reynolds
4. The development of law Peter Landau
5. Knightly society Jean Flori
6. War, peace and the Christian order, 1024–1204 Ernst-Dieter Hehl
7. The structure of the church, 1024–1073 H. E. J. Cowdrey
8. Reform and the church, 1073–1122 I. S. Robinson
9. Religious communities, 1024–1215 Giles Constable
10. The institutions of the church, 1073–1216 I. S. Robinson
11. Thought and learning D. E. Luscombe
12. Religion and laity (including popular devotions and heresy) Bernard Hamilton
13. The crusades, 1095–1198 Jonathan Riley-Smith
14. The eastern churches Jean Richard
15. Muslim Spain and Portugal
al-Andalus and its neighbours, 1025–1198 Hugh Kennedy
16. The Jews in Europe and the Mediterranean basin in the eleventh and twelfth centuries Robert Chazan
17. Literature (Latin and vernacular) Jan Ziolkowski
18. Romanesque and gothic
architecture and the arts Patrick Kidson
List of primary sources
Bibliography of secondary sources arranged by chapter
Index of manuscripts.