The New Moon: Water, Exploration, and Future Habitation

The New Moon: Water, Exploration, and Future Habitation

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Arlin Crotts
Cambridge University Press, 9/22/2014
EAN 9780521762243, ISBN10: 0521762243

Hardcover, 522 pages, 26 x 18.5 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

Explore Earth's closest neighbor, the Moon, in this fascinating and timely book and discover what we should expect from this seemingly familiar but strange, new frontier. What startling discoveries are being uncovered on the Moon? What will these tell us about our place in the Universe? How can exploring the Moon benefit development on Earth? Discover the role of the Moon in Earth's past and present; read about the lunar environment and how it could be made more habitable for humans; consider whether continued exploration of the Moon is justified; and view rare Apollo-era photos and film stills. This is a complete story of the human lunar experience, presenting many interesting but little-known and significant events in lunar science for the first time. It will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about the stunning discoveries being uncovered on the Moon.

1. The importance of the Moon
2. First steps
3. Moon/Mars
4. An international flotilla
5. Moon rise from the ashes
6. Moons past
7. The pull of the far side
8. False seas, real seas
9. Inconstant Moon
10. Moonlighting
11. Lunar living room
12. Lunar power
13. Stepping stone
14. Return to Earth