The New Politics of Immigration and the End of Settler Societies

The New Politics of Immigration and the End of Settler Societies

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Catherine Dauvergne
Cambridge University Press, 3/24/2016
EAN 9781107631236, ISBN10: 1107631238

Paperback, 302 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

Over the past decade, a global convergence in migration policies has emerged, and with it a new, mean-spirited politics of immigration. It is now evident that the idea of a settler society, previously an important landmark in understanding migration, is a thing of the past. What are the consequences of this shift for how we imagine immigration? And for how we regulate it? This book analyzes the dramatic shift away from the settler society paradigm in light of the crisis of asylum, the fear of Islamic fundamentalism, and the demise of multiculturalism. What emerges is a radically original take on the new global politics of immigration that can explain policy paralysis in the face of rising death tolls, failing human rights arguments, and persistent state desires to treat migration as an economic calculus.

1. Introduction
2. Settler societies and the immigration imagination
Part I. The End of Settler Societies
3. The asylum crisis
4. Fear of fundamental Islam
5. The end of multiculturalism
Part II. The New Politics
6. Why economics and human rights are not enough
7. The loss of settlement and society
8. The close of the post-colonial
9. Contours and consequences of a new politics
10. Imagining immigration without a past
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