The Orchid Book: A Guide to the Identification of Cultivated Orchid Species

The Orchid Book: A Guide to the Identification of Cultivated Orchid Species

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Cambridge University Press, 1992-11-12
EAN 9780521418560, ISBN10: 0521418569

Paperback, 555 pages, 23.6 x 16.1 x 3.4 cm

The rich and often bizarre variety of form exhibited by orchids has long provided a fascination for amateur and professional botanists alike. Once seen as a hobby exclusively for the rich, the cultivation of orchids is now widespread and the need for an accurate and simple guide to the identification of species in cultivation has become apparent. This book aims to fulfill that need by providing botanically correct, yet easily accessible information about this unique and exceptionally diverse group of plants. The main part of the book is based on the text of the family Orchidaceae published in the second volume of The European Garden Flora, with the information fully updated and displayed in a revised format. Simple keys to the genera and to the species allow access to descriptions of 900 individual species which also include references to published illustrations and other useful information. Numerous line drawings of diagnostic features help to make the keys and descriptions easy to understand and use. A brief introduction covers the structural features of orchids important in identification, and gives some information on cultivation and a list of general references.

"Highly recommended as a useful reference for the identification of cultivated orchid species." L.G. Kavaljian, Choice

"...a well-done and useful book for any library serving hobbyists or those interested in botany." Marit S. MacArthur, American Reference Books Annual

"...this book was carefully prepared and is valuable for identifying cultivated orchid species." Chin Chu, HortScience