The Origin of Chondrules and Chondrites (Cambridge Planetary Science)

The Origin of Chondrules and Chondrites (Cambridge Planetary Science)

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Derek W. G. Sears
Cambridge University Press, 12/2/2004
EAN 9780521836036, ISBN10: 0521836034

Hardcover, 222 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

Chondrites are the largest group of meteorites. They can provide unique insights into the origins and early evolution of our Solar System, and even into the relationships between our Solar System and other stars in the vicinity of our Sun. The largest structural components of most chondrites are the glass-bearing chondrules, and there are numerous theories for their origin. This clear and systematic text summarizes the ideas surrounding the origin and history of chondrules and chondrites, drawing on research from the various scientific disciplines involved. With citations to a large number of published papers on the topic, it forms a comprehensive bibliography of the key research areas, and extensive illustrations provide a clear visual representation of the scientific theories. This text will be a valuable reference for graduate students and researchers in planetary science, geology, and astronomy.

1. Historical introduction
2. Potential meteorite parent bodies
3. Chondrites and their main properties
4. Chondrules and their main properties
5. Theories for the origin of chondrules
6. Discussion of theories for the origin of chondrules
7. Making the chondrites
chondrule sorting and metal-silicate fractionation
8. So how far have we come and where do we go next?

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