The Primitivist Theory of Truth (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)

The Primitivist Theory of Truth (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)

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Jamin Asay
Cambridge University Press, 10/3/2013
EAN 9781107038974, ISBN10: 1107038979

Hardcover, 385 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Jamin Asay's book offers a fresh and daring perspective on the age-old question 'What is truth?', with a comprehensive articulation and defence of primitivism, the view that truth is a fundamental and indefinable concept. Often associated with Frege and the early Russell and Moore, primitivism has been largely absent from the larger conversation surrounding the nature of truth. Asay defends primitivism by drawing on a range of arguments from metaphysics, philosophy of language and philosophy of logic, and navigates between correspondence theory and deflationism by reviving analytic philosophy's first theory of truth. In its exploration of the role that truth plays in our cognitive and linguistic lives, The Primitivist Theory of Truth offers an account of not just the nature of truth, but the foundational role that truth plays in our conceptual scheme. It will be valuable for students and scholars of philosophy of language and of metaphysics.

1. Truth, TRUTH, and 'Truth'
2. The golden age of primitivism
3. A two-pronged theory of truth
4. Metaphysical deflationism
5. Conceptual primitivism
treadmills and omnipresence
6. Conceptual primitivism
open questions, foundations, and logical apparatus
7. Tarski and primitivism
8. Primitive truth at work
9. Primitivism and the liar