The Regional Multinationals: MNEs and 'Global' Strategic Management

The Regional Multinationals: MNEs and 'Global' Strategic Management

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Alan M. Rugman
Cambridge University Press, 1/3/2005
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Hardcover, 290 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 1.7 cm
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Although many firms label themselves 'global', very few can back this up with truly global sales and operations. In The Regional Multinationals Alan Rugman examines first-hand data from multinationals and finds that most multinationals are strongly regional, with international operations in their home regions of North America, the US or Asia. Only a tiny proportion of the world's top 500 companies actually sell the same product and deliver the same services around the world. Rugman exposes the facts behind the popular myths of doing business globally, explores a variety of regional models and offers an authoritative agenda for future business strategy. The Regional Multinationals is the essential resource for all academics and students in International Business, Organization and Strategic Management, as well as those with an interest in finding out how multinationals really work in practice and how future strategy must respond.

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1. Introduction
2. Regional multinationals
the data
3. Two regional strategy frameworks
4. Regional and global strategies of multinational enterprises
5. Retail multinationals
6. Banking multinationals
7. Pharmaceutical and chemical multinationals
8. Automobile multinationals
9. Profits of leading multinational enterprises
10. Analysis of the regional and global strategies of large firms
11. Regional multinationals and government policy
12. Regional multinationals
the new research agenda
Appendix. The 500 companies with the triad percent sales, alphabetical, 2001
Company notes
Case references
Academic references
Author index
General index.

"Alan Rugman has unequivocably shown that most multinational enterprises operate at a regional rather than global level. Less hype and more accuracy regarding globalization can't be a bad thing." Paul W. Beamish, Director, Asian Management Institute, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario "a must-read for MNE executives, scolars of international management, and graduate students with their sights set on international business careers." Michael A. Hitt, Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M University "required reading for anyone interested in the evolving structure of the international economy or the strategy and organizational structure of international firms. Rugman's arguments and conclusions have novel and important implications for the strategic management of multinational firms, international business theory, economic governance and international business research." Stephen J. Kobrin, William Wurster Professor of Multinational Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania "As usual, Alan Rugman provides comprehensive data and thorough analysis to support a strong argument against conventional wisdom." Professor George S. Yip, London Business School, and author of Total Global Strategy "A must-read for academics, practitioners, and public policymakers who are looking for fresh ideas on the topic of globalization and global strategy." Joseph Cheng, Professor and Director, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign