The Rise of a Jazz Art World

The Rise of a Jazz Art World

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Paul Lopes
Cambridge University Press, 30/05/2002
EAN 9780521801911, ISBN10: 0521801915

Paperback, 302 pages, 22.6 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm

This book presents a unique sociological vision of the evolution of jazz in the twentieth century. Analysing organizational structures and competing discourses in American music, Paul Lopes shows how musicians and others transformed the meaning and practice of jazz. Set against the distinct worlds of high art and popular art in America, the rise of a jazz art world is shown to be a unique movement - a socially diverse community struggling in various ways against cultural orthodoxy. Cultural politics in America is shown to be a dynamic, open, and often contradictory process of constant re-interpretation. This work is a compelling social history of American culture that incorporates various voices in jazz, including musicians, critics, collectors, producers and enthusiasts. Accessibly written and interdisciplinary in approach, it will be of great interest to scholars and students of sociology, cultural studies, social history, American studies, African-American studies, and jazz studies.

"Lopes has written a richly informative and highly readable book that is a welcome addition to the growing number of academic studies that engage with musical styles as the lifeblood of 'scenes' -- living cultures producing a verve and commitment that remain hard to fathom for those on the 'outside.'" American Journal of Sociology