The Study of Behavior: Organization, Methods, and Principles

The Study of Behavior: Organization, Methods, and Principles

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Jerry A. Hogan
Cambridge University Press, 11/2/2017
EAN 9781107191976, ISBN10: 1107191971

Hardcover, 380 pages, 23.6 x 15.5 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Behavior studies now span a variety of sub-disciplines, including behavioral ecology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and evolutionary developmental biology. While the fields' rapid growth has led to startling new insights into animal behavior, it has brought increasingly fragmented approaches to the subject. Integrating ideas and findings from a range of disciplines, this book provides a common framework for understanding diverse issues in behavior studies. The framework is derived from classical ethology, incorporating concepts and data from research in experimental psychology, neurophysiology and evolutionary biology. Hogan outlines the origin and development of major ideas and issues in the field, drawing on examples throughout to highlight connections across sub-disciplines. Demonstrating how results in one area can directly inform work in others, the book ultimately proposes concepts to facilitate new discussions that will open the way for improved dialog between researchers across behavior studies.

1. The framework
2. Structure of behavior
actions, perceptions, representations, behavior systems
3. Motivation
immediate causes of behavior
4. Motivational consequences of behavior
emotion, homeostasis, expectancies, orientation, rhythms
5. Ontogeny of structure
development of behavior systems
6. Ontogeny of structure
some principles of development
7. Causes and consequences of development
reinforcement, learning, memory
8. Phylogeny of structure
evolution of behavior
9. Phylogenetic consequences
survival value (current fitness)
10. Phylogenetic consequences
adaptations and historical origins
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