The Study of Dying: From Autonomy to Transformation

The Study of Dying: From Autonomy to Transformation

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Cambridge University Press, 2009-10-22
EAN 9780521517676, ISBN10: 0521517672

Paperback, 300 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm

What is it really like to die? Though our understanding about the biology of dying is complex and incomplete, greater complexity and diversity can be found in the study of what human beings encounter socially, psychologically and spiritually during the experience. Contributors from disciplines as diverse as social and behavioural studies, medicine, demography, history, philosophy, art, literature, popular culture and religion examine the process of dying through the lens of both animal and human studies. Despite common fears to the contrary, dying is not simply an awful journey of illness and decline; cultural influences, social circumstances, personal choice and the search for meaning are all crucial in shaping personal experiences. This intriguing volume will be of interest to clinicians, professionals, academics and students of death, dying and end-of-life care, and anyone curious about the human confrontation with mortality.

'... eloquent book ... an even-handed analysis ... The Study of Dying is a well-crafted book that looks at demise from all sorts of angles.' Journal of the American Medical Association