The Surface Waters Acidification Programme

The Surface Waters Acidification Programme

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Edited by B. J. Mason
Cambridge University Press, 2/21/1991
EAN 9780521395335, ISBN10: 052139533X

Hardcover, 534 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 2.9 cm
Language: English

This 1991 volume presents the results of a major international and interdisciplinary study of the mechanism and consequences of surface water acidification, which is a growing environmental problem. This detailed, long-term study provides an authoritative overview of the chemical process involved in acidification and of its biological impact on freshwater life. The surface waters acidification programme (SWAP) has drawn together the many facets of this complex phenomenon. The volume includes sections on hydrochemical studies in catchments, catchment process studies, catchment manipulation experiments, chemical processes, palaeolimnological studies, biological effects on freshwater life, and modelling studies. The volume finishes with an assessment of the SWAP and its conclusions. Though the results are presented in a predominantly European context, the findings and conclusions are applicable to all those areas suffering the consequences of acidification.

1. The rationale, design and managements of Surface Waters Acidification Programme/ Sir John Mason
Part I. Hydrochemical Studies in Catchments
Part II. Catchment Process Studies
Part III. Catchment Manipulation Experiments
Part IV. Chemical Processes
Part V. Palaeolimnological Studies
Part VI. Effects of Acidification on Fish and Other Aquatic Life
Part VII. Modelling Studies
Part VIII. Discussion of Conclusions
General discussion

'The extensive coverage of the acidification of aquatic ecosystems, along with its very readable style, makes the book ideal for teaching at an advanced level.' Thomas G. Brydges, Zeitschriften