The Tea Party: Three Principles

The Tea Party: Three Principles

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Elizabeth Price Foley
Cambridge University Press, 2012-02-06
EAN 9781107011359, ISBN10: 1107011353

Hardcover, 254 pages, 21.8 x 14.7 x 2.3 cm

“Lambasted by the left and maligned by the media, the Tea Party may be the political phenomenon of the decade. No one has captured the energy and essence of this vital movement better than Elizabeth Price Foley. She combines scholarship and lucid writing with a profound respect – embraced by the Tea Party – for the U.S. Constitution as it was originally crafted to secure individual liberty and restrain government power. While I might quarrel with Professor Foley’s enthusiasm for America’s muscular global role, her intellectual defense of the Tea Party and her application of its credo to urgent and controversial issues have produced a powerful, provocative, and timely book, which I highly recommend.” – Robert A. Levy, Chairman, Cato Institute

“Elizabeth Price Foley has produced an interesting and important work on the constitutional basis for the agenda of the Tea Party movement.… I do believe anyone interested in understanding how the growth of the welfare-regulatory state violates the constitution and threatens liberty can benefit from reading this book.” – Ron Paul, United States Congressman (R-TX)

“Elizabeth Price Foley’s The Tea Party is a clear and straightforward explication of what the Tea Party Movement is all about, and is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the current political climate. With this slim, provocative volume, Foley once again demonstrates why she is one of constitutional law’s rising stars.”– Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Tennessee College of Law

“At last, someone conversant with the large issues now roiling contemporary American politics has taken the Tea Party seriously and concluded that it is intellectually substantial and politically constructive. Elizabeth Price Foley, one of today’s most stimulating writers on constitutional law, finds much to admire in the Tea Party’s coherent braiding of three themes – limited government, constitutional originalism, and an unapologetic defense of U.S. sovereignty.” – George F. Will