The Transformation of European Private Law: Harmonisation, Consolidation, Codification or Chaos?

The Transformation of European Private Law: Harmonisation, Consolidation, Codification or Chaos?

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Cambridge University Press, 10/24/2013
EAN 9781107038806, ISBN10: 1107038804

Hardcover, 350 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

This book emanates from a duo-colloquium which explored the Europeanisation of private law in the context of efforts to consolidate the consumer acquis, the Draft Common Frame of Reference, the appointment of an Expert Group on a Common Frame of Reference in the area of European contract law, the passage of the Consumer Rights Directive and the proposed Common European Sales Law. This book, with fully updated contributions, critically reflects on whether the process of Europeanisation, which has shaped private law in the EU Member States, has now reached a significant turning point in its development, a point of punctuated equilibrium. Written by a team of leading authors, the topics covered will be of concern in all European legal systems and beyond.

1. The DCFR in relation to English contract law Stephen Waddams
2. The draft Common Frame of Reference and European contract law
moving from the 'academic' to the 'political' Paula Giliker
3. The Europeanisation of contract law and the role of comparative law
the case of the Directive on Consumer Rights Cristina Amato
4. The private law dimension to the 'State of the Union'
(D)CFR/CESL Initiatives and the Europeanisation of private law Mel Kenny and James Devenney
5. European contract law
how to exclude land? Peter Sparkes
6. Harmonization and its discontents
a transaction costs critique of a European contract law David Campbell and Roger Halson
7. Theory and practice of constructing a common contract law terminology Chiara Perfumi
8. Private law discourse and scholarship in the wake of the Europeanisation of private law Olha Cherednychenko
9. Contract codification and the English
some observations from the Indian Contract Act 1872 Warren Swain
10. Consequences of implementing EU legislation – an Estonian experience Irene Jull and Sander Kärson
11. The impact of Europe on Irish contract law Cliona Kelly
12. The Europeanisation of the insurance contract law
the insurer's duty to advise and its regulation in German and European law Piotr Tereszkiewicz
13. European contract law making and development
lessons from Directive 93/13's Price Term Exemption Michael Schillig
14. Enforcement or compensation? Damages actions in EU law after the Draft Common Frame of Reference Dorota Leczykiewicz
15. Consumer complaints and alternative dispute resolution
harmonization of the European ADR system Immaculada Barral-Viñals
16. Conclusion Mel Kenny and James Devenney.