The Unreformed House of Commons: Volume 1

The Unreformed House of Commons: Volume 1

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Edward Porritt
Cambridge University Press, 10/9/2014
EAN 9781107640047, ISBN10: 1107640040

Paperback, 650 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 3.7 cm
Language: English

Originally published in 1903, this two-volume work examines the changes in Parliamentary representation in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland from the time that the House of Commons in England began to have a continuous existence until the Reform Act of 1832. Volume One focuses on the representation of England and Wales and the history of the relationship between Members of Parliament and their constituents, as well as the relationship the House of Commons had with, among others, the monarchy and the press. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the history of British government and popular representation.

Part I. The Representation of England and Wales
1. Parliamentary representation in 1832
2. The county franchise
3. The borough franchises
4. The electoral map in 1832
5. University representation
6. The representation of Wales
Part II. Relations between Members and Constituents
7. Restrictions on the choice of constituencies
8. Restrictions on choice for the protection of the crown
9. Men without means excluded from the House of Commons
10. Office-holders, pensioners, and contractors excluded
11. Minors and aliens on the exclusion list
12. The tie between electors and elected
13. Political relations between members and constituents
14. Letters between members and constituents
15. Members, electors, and the civil service
16. Relations between members and patrons
Part III. The Crown and the Franchise
17. The crown and the franchise - to the end of the sixteenth century
18. The crown and the franchise - from James I to the Revolution
19. The crown and the franchise - from the Revolution to the Reform Act
Part IV. The House and its Usages
20. The place of meeting
21. The speaker
22. The evolution of the non-partisan speaker
23. The attitude of the House towards the chair
24. The officers of the House
25. The seating of the House
26. The personnel of the House
27. Procedure of the House
28. Relations of the House of Commons to the House of Lords
29. Relations of the House to the outside world
30. The House of Commons and the press.