The Vanishing Universe: Adverse Environmental Impacts on Astronomy

The Vanishing Universe: Adverse Environmental Impacts on Astronomy

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Cambridge University Press, 1994-09-01
EAN 9780521450201, ISBN10: 0521450209

Hardcover, 208 pages, 30.5 x 21.3 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

What is the future of observational astronomy? The effect on astronomy of environmental degradation, from electromagnetic pollution to near-Earth space debris, and the broader implications of jeopardising this science are explored in this provoking review. Astronomy is acutely vulnerable to environmental pollution. This survey demonstrates, unequivocally, the destructive impact of civilisation on current observational astronomy and its future. International astronomers discuss the source and effect of electromagnetic pollution - from optical to radio wavelengths - and space debris. Together with specialists from industry, law and elsewhere, they go on to outline possible remedies and the legislation required for successful international regulation of the pollutants. These articles offer an authoritative survey of the pollutants and the steps necessary to regulate them. They provide an essential reference for the professional astronomer, environmentalist and concerned non-specialist.

‘The real value of The Vanishing Universe, however, is in its detailed expositon of the causes of light, radio and debris pollution, and its suggestions for concerted international action … highly readable book.’ Webb Society Quarterly Journal

‘As stimulus material for students there is much here to secure interest and broaden horizons on environmental problems.’ Bob Kibble, Physics Education