The Weather Observer's Handbook

The Weather Observer's Handbook

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Stephen Burt
Cambridge University Press, 2012-08-23
EAN 9781107662285, ISBN10: 1107662281

Hardcover, 458 pages, 25.4 x 17.8 x 2.6 cm

The Weather Observer's Handbook provides a comprehensive, practical and independent guide to all aspects of making weather observations. Automatic weather stations today form the mainstay of both amateur and professional weather observing networks around the world and yet - prior to this book - there existed no independent guide to their selection and use. Traditional and modern weather instruments are covered, including how best to choose and to site a weather station, how to get the best out of your equipment, how to store and analyse your records and how to share your observations with other people and across the Internet. From amateur observers looking for help in choosing their first weather instruments on a tight budget to professional observers looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date guide covering World Meteorological Organization recommendations on observing methods and practices, all will welcome this handbook.

Advance praise: 'This is a very impressive work! ... At last there is a comprehensive book on the tricky issue of accurately measuring the weather. This timely publication is a must for anyone in the market for a weather station, libraries, and weather observers of all stripes, both amateur and professional.' Christopher C. Burt, Wunderground, Inc. and author of Extreme Weather: A Guide and Record Book