The Works of Thomas Carlyle 30 Volume Set: The Works of Thomas Carlyle: Volume 12 (Cambridge Library Collection - The Works of Carlyle)

The Works of Thomas Carlyle 30 Volume Set: The Works of Thomas Carlyle: Volume 12 (Cambridge Library Collection - The Works of Carlyle)

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Cambridge University Press, 11/11/2010
EAN 9781108022354, ISBN10: 1108022359

Paperback, 460 pages, 21.6 x 14 x 2.9 cm
Language: English

Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881) was one of the most influential authors of the nineteenth century. Eagerly studied at the highest level of intellectual society, his satirical essays and perceptive historical biographies caused him to be regarded for much of the Victorian period as a literary genius and eminent social philosopher. After graduating from Edinburgh University in 1814, he published his first scholarly work on German literature in 1824, before finding literary success with his ground-breaking history of the French Revolution in 1837. After falling from favour during the first part of the twentieth century, his work has more recently become the subject of scholarly re-examination. His introduction of German literature and philosophy into the British intellectual milieu profoundly influenced later philosophical ideas. These volumes are reproduced from the 1896 Centenary Edition of his collected works. Volume 12 contains the first volume of The Life of Frederick the Great.

Book I. Birth and Parentage, 1712
1. Proem
Friedrich's history from the distance we are at
2. Friedrich's birth
3. Father and mother
the Hanoverian connexion
4. Father's mother
5. King Friedrich I
Book II. Of Brandenburg and the Hohenzollerns, 928–1417
1. Brannibor
Henry the Fowler
2. Preussen
Saint Adalbert
3. Markgraves of Brandenburg
4. Albert the Bear
5. Conrad of Hohenzollern, and Kaiser Barbarossa
6. The Teutsch Ritters, or Teutonic Order
7. Margraviate of Culmbach
Baireuth, Anspach
8. Ascanier Markgraves in Brandenburg
9. Burggraf Friedrich IV
10. Brandenburg lapses to the Kaiser
11. Bavarian Kurfursts in Brandenburg
12. Brandenburg in Kaiser Karl's time
end of the Bavarian Kurfursts
13. Luxemburg Kurfursts in Brandenburg
14. Burggraf Friedrich VI
Book III. The Hohenzollerns in Brandenburg, 1412–1713
1. Kurfurst Friedrich I
2. Matinees du Roi de Prusse
3. Kurfurst Friedrich II
4. Kurfurst Albert Achilles, and his successor
5. Of the Baireuth-Anspach branch
6. Hochmeister Albert, third notable son of Friedrich
7. Albert Alcibiades
8. Historical meaning of the Reformation
9. Kurfurst Joachim I
10. Kurfurst Joachim II
11. Seventh Kurfurst, Johann George
12. Of Albert Friedrich, the second Duke of Preussen
13. Ninth Kurfurst, Johann Sigismund
14. Symptoms of a great war coming
15. Tenth Kurfurst, George Wilhelm
16. Thirty-Years War
17. Duchy of Jagerndorf
18. Friedrich Wilhelm, the Great Kurfurst, eleventh of the series
19. King Friedrich I again
20. Death of King Friedrich I
Book IV. Friedrich's Apprenticeship, First Stage, 1713–1723
1. Childhood
double educational element
2. The German element
3. Friedrich Wilhelm is King
4. His Majesty's ways
5. Friedrich Wilhelm's one war
6. The little drummer
7. Transit of Czar Peter
8. The Crown-Prince is put to his schooling
9. Wusterhausen
10. The Heidelberg Protestants
11. Of the Crown-Prince's progress in his schooling
12. Crown-Prince falls into disfavour with Papa
13. Results of the Crown-Prince's schooling.