Theater outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy

Theater outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy

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Cambridge University Press, 2012-08-02
EAN 9780521761789, ISBN10: 0521761786

Paperback, 486 pages, 24.8 x 24.7 x 17.6 cm

'This is the first substantial interdisciplinary statement of the scale and significance of Greek theatrical activities outside 'Greece'.' The Times Literary Supplement

'Theater Outside Athens is an important contribution to the growing bibliography on ancient theatre in the wider Greek world … [This book] offers a number of intriguing and innovative perspectives that open up new ways of looking at Greek theater outside Athens, and new ways of looking at Athenian drama as well.' Paola Ceccarelli, sehepunkte.de

'While the magisterial surviving plays of Athenian tragedy and comedy may seem like marble monuments, they are really very fragile things … As we journey outside of Athens, the evidence for ancient theater's history disintegrates even more into fragments. What remains are fragile vase paintings, the often casually remembered lines or stories of long-lost playwrights, performances, and plays, and the traces of long-ruined theaters set in imposing landscapes. In Theater Outside Athens … archaeologists, historians, and literary critics painstakingly reassemble such pieces to unearth the history of a theater that thrived in the courts of tyrants and the cities of the western Greek world. Far from being peripheral, this recovered world has the potential to unsettle our assumptions about the Athenian theatre itself.' Rebecca Bushnell, Common Knowledge