Themistius, Julian and Greek Political Theory under Rome

Themistius, Julian and Greek Political Theory under Rome

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Simon Swain
Cambridge University Press, 9/30/2013
EAN 9781107026575, ISBN10: 1107026571

Hardcover, 248 pages, 23.6 x 15.8 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Themistius' close relationship with Christian emperors from Constantius to Theodosius makes him one of the most important political thinkers and politicians of the later fourth century, and his dealings with Julian the Apostate have recently attracted much speculation. This volume presents a new critical edition, translation and analysis of Themistius' letter to Julian about kingship and government, which survives mainly in Arabic, together with texts, translations and analyses of Julian's Letter to Themistius and Sopater's Letter to Himerius. The volume is completed with a text, translation and analysis of the other genuine work of Greek political theory to survive in Arabic, the Letter of Aristotle to Alexander, which dates from an earlier period and throws into relief the particular concerns of Themistius, Julian, and the rulers of the fourth-century Roman world.

Part I. Studies
1. The political letter
Sopater, Letter to Himerius
2. Themistius, Letter to Julian
Appendix to Chapter 2. The Letter to Julian – Greek into Arabic
3. Themistius, Julian, and Julian's Letter to Themistius
4. Letter of Aristotle to Alexander
Appendix to Part I. Letter of Aristotle to Alexander
Part II. Texts and Translations
5. Sopater, Letter to Himerius
6. Themistius, Letter to Julian
7. Julian, Letter to Themistius
8. Letter of Aristotle to Alexander.