Theology and the Dialogue of Religions (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine)

Theology and the Dialogue of Religions (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine)

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S. J. Michael Barnes
Cambridge University Press, 3/14/2002
EAN 9780521810777, ISBN10: 0521810779

Hardcover, 292 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm
Language: English

Theology of religions is an area of theological reflection on inter-religious relations which raises fundamental questions for all people of faith in a pluralist, post-modern world. How to practise a religious faith with integrity while respecting other claims to ultimate truth? Must 'the other' always be regarded as a problematic complication on the fringes of a Christianity-centred world? Is there a 'third way' between an all-dominating exclusivism and a vapid relativism? This book contributes to the debate about the place of inter-religious relations in the life of the Church by developing a 'theology of dialogue'. In offering a critique of much current thinking in this area, Michael Barnes SJ proposes instead a theology rooted in the themes of welcome and hospitality. He argues for a vision of Christianity as a 'school of faith', a community called not just to teach others but to learn from them as well.

Part I. The Returning Other
1. Rethinking theology of religions
2. Remembering the Covenant
3. Facing the Other
4. Learning something of God
Part II. Dialogue and God
5. Telling the Christian story
6. Reflecting on 'an other' experience
7. Forming the school of faith
8. Contemplating the depths of God
9. Negotiating the middle.