Theory and Computation of Hydrodynamic Stability (Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics)

Theory and Computation of Hydrodynamic Stability (Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics)

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W. O. Criminale, T. L. Jackson, R. D. Joslin
Cambridge University Press, 10/23/2003
EAN 9780521632003, ISBN10: 0521632005

Hardcover, 464 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm
Language: English
Originally published in English

The study of hydrodynamic stability is fundamental to many subjects, ranging from geophysics and meteorology through to engineering design. This treatise covers both classical and modern aspects of the subject, systematically developing it from the simplest physical problems, then progressing chapter by chapter to the most complex, considering linear and nonlinear situations, and analysing temporal and spatial stability. The authors examine each problem both analytically and numerically: many chapters end with an appendix outlining relevant numerical techniques. All relevant fluid flows are treated, including those where the fluid may be compressible, or those from geophysics, or those that require salient geometries for description. Details of initial-value problems are explored equally with those of stability. As a result, the early transient period as well as the asymptotic fate for perturbations for a flow can be assessed. The text is enriched with many exercises, copious illustrations and an extensive bibliography and the result is a book that can be used with courses on hydrodynamic stability or as an authoritative reference for researchers.

1. Introduction and problem formulation; 2. Temporal stability of inviscid incompressible flows; 3. Temporal stability of viscous incompressible flows; 4. Spatial stability of incompressible flows; 5. Stability of compressible flows; 6. Centrifugal stability; 7. Geophysical flow; 8. Transient dynamics; 9. Nonlinear stability; 10. Transition and receptivity; 11. Direct numerical simulation; 12. Flow control and optimization; 13. Investigating hydrodynamic instabilities with experiments; Bibliography; Index.

'... overall I am very impressed with this text. It provides a comprehensive account of modern stability theory ... I have no doubt that in time it will be acknowledged as a valuable resource to both graduate students and established researchers alike.' Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics