Theory and Practice in Policy Analysis: Including Applications in Science and Technology

Theory and Practice in Policy Analysis: Including Applications in Science and Technology

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M. Granger Morgan
Cambridge University Press, 10/12/2017
EAN 9781316636206, ISBN10: 1316636208

Paperback, 604 pages, 23.4 x 16.3 x 3.5 cm
Language: English

Many books instruct readers on how to use the tools of policy analysis. This book is different. Its primary focus is on helping readers to look critically at the strengths, limitations, and the underlying assumptions analysts make when they use standard tools or problem framings. Using examples, many of which involve issues in science and technology, the book exposes readers to some of the critical issues of taste, professional responsibility, ethics, and values that are associated with policy analysis and research. Topics covered include policy problems formulated in terms of utility maximization such as benefit-cost, decision, and multi-attribute analysis, issues in the valuation of intangibles, uncertainty in policy analysis, selected topics in risk analysis and communication, limitations and alternatives to the paradigm of utility maximization, issues in behavioral decision theory, issues related to organizations and multiple agents, and selected topics in policy advice and policy analysis for government.

1. Policy analysis
an overview
Part I. Making Decisions that Maximize Utility
2. Preferences and the idea of utility
3. Benefit–cost analysis
4. Decision analysis
5. Valuing intangibles and other non-market outcomes
6. Multi-attribute utility theory and multi-criteria decision making with Jared L. Cohon
7. Preferences over time and across space
Part II. Some Widely Used Analysis Tools and Topics
8. Characterizing, analyzing, and communicating uncertainty
9. Expert elicitation
10. Risk analysis
11. The use of models in policy analysis
Part III. How Individuals and Organizations Actually Make Decisions
12. Human mental processes for perception, memory, and decision making
13. Risk perception and risk ranking
14. Risk communication
15. Organizational behavior and decision making
Part IV. The Policy Process and S&T Policy (Mainly) in the United States
16. Analysis and the policy process
17. The period prior to World War II
18. US science and technology policy from World War II to 1960
19. Science and technology advice to government