Thinking through the Body

Thinking through the Body

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Richard Shusterman
Cambridge University Press, 7/31/2012
EAN 9781107019065, ISBN10: 1107019060

Hardcover, 374 pages, 23.5 x 15.6 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

This book provides a richly rewarding vision of the burgeoning interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics. Composed of fourteen wide-ranging but finely integrated essays by Richard Shusterman, the originator of the field, Thinking through the Body explains the philosophical foundations of somaesthetics and applies its insights to central issues in ethics, education, cultural politics, consciousness studies, sexuality and the arts. Integrating Western philosophy, cognitive science and somatic methodologies with classical Asian theories of body, mind and action, these essays probe the nature of somatic existence and the role of body consciousness in knowledge, memory and behavior. Deploying somaesthetic perspectives to analyze key aesthetic concepts (such as style and the sublime), he offers detailed studies of embodiment in drama, dance, architecture and photography. The volume also includes somaesthetic exercises for the classroom and explores the ars erotica as an art of living.

Part I. Somatic Being, Knowing, and Teaching
1. Thinking through the body
educating for the humanities
2. The body as background
3. Self-knoweldge and its discontents
from Socrates to somaesthetics
4. Muscle memory and the somaesthetic pathologies of everyday life
5. Somaesthetics in the philosophy classroom
a practical approach
Part II. Somaesthetics, Aesthetics, and Culture
6. Somaesthetics and the limits of aesthetics
7. Somaesthetics and Burke's sublime
8. Pragmatism and cultural politics
from textualism to somaesthetics
9. Body consciousness and performance
Part III. The Arts and the Art of Living
10. Somaesthetics and architecture
a critical option
11. Photography as performative process
12. Asian ars erotica and the question of sexual aesthetics
13. Philosophy as awakened life
everyday aesthetics of embodiment in American transcendentalism and Japanese zen practice
14. Somatic style.