To Measure the Sky: An Introduction to Observational Astronomy

To Measure the Sky: An Introduction to Observational Astronomy

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Frederick R. Chromey
Cambridge University Press, 2010-05-27
EAN 9780521747684, ISBN10: 0521747686

Paperback, 460 pages, 24.6 x 24.6 x 18.9 cm

With a lively yet rigorous and quantitative approach, Frederick R. Chromey introduces the fundamental topics in optical observational astronomy for undergraduates. Focussing on the basic principles of light detection, telescope optics, coordinate systems and data analysis, students are introduced to modern astronomical observation techniques and measurements. Cutting-edge technologies such as advanced CCD detectors and adaptive optics are presented through the physical principles on which they are based, helping students understand the power of modern space and ground-based telescopes, and the motivations and limitations of future development. Discussion of statistics and measurement uncertainty enables students to confront the important questions of data quality. With a purposeful structure and clear approach, this is an essential resource for all students of observational astronomy. It explains the theoretical foundations for observational practices and reviews essential physics to support students' mastery of the subject. Student understanding is strengthened through over 120 exercises and problems.

'I like this book a lot and think it is a valuable contribution to the education of undergraduates. It is a wide-ranging and thorough survey of the techniques common to astronomical observing in the optical and infrared wavelengths ... The treatment throughout is both accurate and responsible. I know of no comparable book.' Jay M. Pasachoff, Williams College