Trade Governance in the Digital Age

Trade Governance in the Digital Age

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Mira Burri
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reprint, 7/9/2015
EAN 9781107542617, ISBN10: 1107542618

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The development of new digital technologies has resulted in significant transformations in daily life, from the arrival of online shopping to more fundamental changes in the ways we work and communicate. Many of these changes raise questions that transcend market access and liberalisation, and demand cooperation and coherent regulatory design. International trade regulation has hitherto not reacted in a forward-looking manner to the digital revolution and, particularly at the multilateral level, legal engineering has yielded few tangible results. This book examines whether WTO laws possess the necessary flexibility and resilience to accommodate the changes brought about by burgeoning digital trade. By revealing both the potential and the limitations of the WTO framework, it provides a broad picture of the interaction between digital technologies and trade regulation, links the often disconnected discourses of international trade law, intellectual property and cyberlaw and explores discrete problems in different domains of global trade regulation.

1. Introduction
digital technologies and international trade regulation Mira Burri and Thomas Cottier
Part I. Conceptualising Trade 2.0
2. Principles for trade 2.0 Anupam Chander
3. Global information law
some systemic thoughts Christian Tietje
Part II. Old and New Buzzwords in the Digital Trade Discourse
4. Convergence
a buzzword to remain? David Luff
5. Network neutrality
the global dimension Pierre Larouche
6. Fostering innovation and trade in the global information society
the different facets and roles of interoperability Urs Gasser and John Palfrey
Part III. The State of Play in Trade and Trade Regulation. Prospects for Change
7. GATS classification issues for information and communication technology services Lee Tuthill and Martin Roy
8. Towards coherent rules for digital trade
building on efforts in multilateral versus preferential trade negotiations Sacha Wunsch-Vincent and Arno Hold
9. Better regulation for digital markets
a new look at the Reference Paper? Rohan Kariyawasam
10. Googling for the trade-human rights nexus in China
can the WTO help? Henry Gao
11. The puzzling interaction of trade and public morals in the digital era Panagiotis Delimatsis
Part IV. The Impact of Digital Technologies on the Global Intellectual Property Regime
12. TRIPS encounters the Internet
an analogue treaty in a digital age, or the first trade 2.0 agreement? Antony Taubman
13. Country clubs, empiricism, blogs and innovation
the future of international intellectual property norm-making in the wake of ACTA Daniel Gervais
14. New forms of governance for digital orphans
copyright litigation, licenses and legal information Jeremy De Beer
Part V. Digital Technologies, Intellectual Property and Development
15. From consensus to controversy
the WIPO Internet Treaties and lessons for intellectual property norm-setting in the digital age Ahmed Abdel Latif
16. The global digital divide as impeded access to content Mira Burri
17. Harnessing information and communication technologies for development
the trade-related technical assistance perspective Martin Labbé
18. Making use of e-mentoring to support innovative entrepreneurs in Africa Philipp Aerni and Dominik Rüegger.