Ultrasound in Reproductive Healthcare Practice

Ultrasound in Reproductive Healthcare Practice

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Cambridge University Press, 1/18/2018
EAN 9781316609736, ISBN10: 1316609731

Paperback, 270 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

Challenge your knowledge of ultrasound to address sexual health abnormalities and early pregnancy issues, alongside identifying, classifying and managing a wide range of gynaecological conditions, with this essential manual. Authored by experts in reproductive health, this bespoke guide delivers practitioners of all levels with a broad scope of sexual and reproductive disorders, as captured by ultrasound. Presenting operational issues and suggested training, this textbook ensures high-quality care in gynaecology, sexual and reproductive health and pregnancy advisory services. For use in a traditional hospital setting through to more remote locations, this guide provides an invaluable toolkit for trainees, sonographers, nurses and clinicians worldwide. Offering clear clinical ultrasound images and extensive case studies with a focus on pregnancy advisory services, this adaptable textbook provides reliable support for those who are in contact with common, rare and understudied reproductive conditions, wishing to achieve successful diagnosis and optimal imaging first time.

Foreword Diana Mansour
1. A short history of ultrasound in gynaecology Pat Lewis
2. Use of the ultrasound system Julie-Michelle Bridson
3. Communication skills in ultrasound assessment Karen Easton
4. Ultrasound of pelvic anatomy scanning techniques and 'normal' findings Mary Pillai and Julie-Michelle Bridson
5. Contrast sonohysterography Mary Pillai
6. Ultrasound of abnormal pelvic anatomy – benign pathology Mary Pillai
7. Pregnancy ultrasound for SRH work Mary Pillai
8. Ultrasound assessment of a potential ectopic pregnancy Karen Easton
9. Ultrasound imaging of progestogen only subdermal contraceptive implants Paul O'Brien
10. Ultrasound imaging in relation to intrauterine contraception Zara Haider
11. The role of ultrasound scanning in the investigation and management of subfertility Paula Briggs and Gab Kovacs
12. Polycystic ovaries, polycystic ovary syndrome and the role of ultrasound in relation to this condition Paula Briggs and Gab Kovacs
13. Ultrasound imaging of women with abnormal uterine bleeding Jane Dickson
14. The use of ultrasound in the perimenopausal patient Steven R. Goldstein
15. Recognition of possible gynaecological cancer Kathryn Hillaby
16. Quality in SRH ultrasound service provision Julie-Michelle Bridson
17. Annotation, archiving, reporting and audit Julie-Michelle Bridson
Glossary of abbreviations and terms