Understanding Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Insights from Neuroimaging

Understanding Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Insights from Neuroimaging

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Cambridge University Press, 12/9/2010
EAN 9780521899420, ISBN10: 0521899427

Hardcover, 592 pages, 25.3 x 19.3 x 3 cm
Language: English

An informative and comprehensive review from the leading researchers in the field, this book provides a complete one-stop guide to neuroimaging techniques and their application to a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders. For each disorder or group of disorders, separate chapters review the most up-to-date findings from structural imaging, functional imaging and/or molecular imaging. Each section ends with an overview from a internationally-renowned luminary in the field, addressing the question of 'What do we know and where are we going?' Richly illustrated throughout, each chapter includes a 'summary box', providing readers with explicit take-home messages. This is an essential resource for clinicians, researchers and trainees who want to learn how neuroimaging tools lead to new discoveries about brain and behaviour associations in neuropsychiatric disorders.

Preface Martha E. Shenton and Bruce I. Turetsky
Part I. Schizophrenia
1. Structural imaging of schizophrenia Thomas J. Whitford, Marek Kubicki and Martha E. Shenton
2. Functional imaging of schizophrenia Godfrey D. Pearlson
3. Spectroscopic imaging of schizophrenia Jay W. Pettegrew, Richard J. McClure and Kanagasabai Panchalingam
4. Molecular imaging of schizophrenia Dean F. Wong, James Brasic and Nicola Cascella
5. Neuroimaging of schizophrenia
commentary Nancy Andreasen
Part II. Mood Disorders
6. Structural imaging of bipolar illness Stephen M. Strakowski
7. Functional imaging of bipolar illness William M. Marchand and Deborah A. Yurgelun-Todd
8. Molecular imaging of bipolar illness John O. Brooks, Po W. Wang and Terence A. Ketter
9. Structural imaging of major depression Anand Kumar and Olusola Ajilore
10. Functional imaging of major depression Simon A. Surgladze and Mary L. Phillips
11. Molecular imaging of major depression Julia Sacher and Gwenn S. Smith
12. Neuroimaging of mood disorders
commentary Paul E. Holtzheimer III and Helen S. Mayberg
Part III. Anxiety Disorders
13. Structural imaging of post-traumatic stress disorder Mark W. Gilbertson
14. Functional imaging of post-traumatic stress disorder Lisa M. Shin, Kathryn Handwerger, Danielle L. Pfaff and Roger K. Pitman
15. Molecular imaging of post-traumatic stress disorder J. Douglas Bremner
16. Structural imaging of obsessive-compulsive disorder Andrew R. Gilbert, Alison M. Gilbert, Jorge R. C. de Almeida and Philip R. Szeszko
17. Functional imaging of obsessive-compulsive disorder Bon-Mi Gu, Do-Hyung Kang and Jun Soo Kwon
18. Molecular imaging of obsessive-compulsive disorder Martijn Figee, Jan Booij and Damiaan Denys
19. Structural imaging of panic and other anxiety disorders José Alexandre de Souza Crippa and Geraldo F. Busatto
20. Functional imaging of panic and other anxiety disorders Oliver Tüscher, Daniel J. Zimmerman and David A. Silbersweig
21. Molecular imaging of panic and other anxiety disorders James W. Murrough and Sanjay J. Mathew
22. Neuroimaging of anxiety disorders
commentary Scott L. Rauch
Part IV. Cognitive Disorders
23. Structural imaging of Alzheimer's disease Liana G. Apostolova and Paul M. Thompson
24. Functional imaging of Alzheimer's disease Vanessa Taler and Andrew J. Saykin
25. Molecular imaging of Alzheimer's disease Norbert Schuff
26. Neuroimaging of Parkinson's disease Raúl de la Fuente-Fernández and A. Jon Stoessl
27. Neuroimaging of other dementing disorders William Hu and Murray Grossman
28. Neuroimaging of cognitive disorders
commentary Mony J. de Leon, Henry Rusinek, Wai Tsui, Thomas Wisniewski, Jerzy Wegiel and Ajax George
Part V. Substance Abuse
29. Structural imaging of alcohol abuse Sandra Chanraud, Anne Lise Pitel and Edith V. Sullivan
30. Functional imaging of substance abuse Omar Mahmood and Susan F. Tapert
31. Molecular imaging of substance abuse Brian C. Schweinsburg, Alecia D. Schweinsburg and Graeme F. Mason
32. Neuroimaging of substance abuse
commentary Adolf Pfefferbaum
Part VI. Eating Disorders
33. Neuromaging of anorexia and bulimia Guido K. W. Frank and Michael D. H. Rollin
34. Neuroimaging of obesity Gene-Jack Wang, Nora D. Volkow, Joanna S. Fowler and Panayotis K. Thanos
35. Neuroimaging of eating disorders
commentary Janet Treasure
Part VII. Developmental Disorders
36. Neuroimaging of autism spectrum disorders John D. Herrington and Robert T. Schultz
37. Neuroimaging of Williams-Beuren Syndrome Andreia Santos and Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg
38. Neuroimaging of developmental disorders
commentary Nancy J. Minshew