Wave Theory of Information

Wave Theory of Information

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Massimo Franceschetti
Cambridge University Press, 11/30/2017
EAN 9781107022317, ISBN10: 1107022312

Hardcover, 472 pages, 25.3 x 17.8 x 2.6 cm
Language: English

Understand the relationship between information theory and the physics of wave propagation with this expert guide. Balancing fundamental theory with engineering applications, it describes the mechanism and limits for the representation and communication of information using electromagnetic waves. Information-theoretic laws relating functional approximation and quantum uncertainty principles to entropy, capacity, mutual information, rate distortion, and degrees of freedom of band-limited radiation are derived and explained. Both stochastic and deterministic approaches are explored, and applications for sensing and signal reconstruction, wireless communication, and networks of multiple transmitters and receivers are reviewed. With end-of-chapter exercises and suggestions for further reading enabling in-depth understanding of key concepts, it is the ideal resource for researchers and graduate students in electrical engineering, physics and applied mathematics looking for a fresh perspective on classical information theory.

1. Introduction
2. Signals
3. Functional approximation
4. Electromagnetic propagation
5. Deterministic representations
6. Stochastic representations
7. Communication technologies
8. The space-wave number domain
9. The time-frequency domain
10. Multiple scattering theory
11. Noise processes
12. Information-theoretic quantities
13. Universal information bounds
Appendix A. Elements of functional analysis
Appendix B. Vector calculus
Appendix C. Methods for the asymptotic evaluation of integrals
Appendix D. Stochastic integration
Appendix E. Special functions
Appendix F. Electromagnetic spectrum