Ways of Communicating (Darwin College Lectures)

Ways of Communicating (Darwin College Lectures)

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D. H. Mellor
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Revised ed., 8/21/2008
EAN 9780521019040, ISBN10: 0521019044

Paperback, 172 pages, 24.5 x 17 x 1 cm
Language: English

Ways of Communicating is a stimulating exploration of the single most powerful force that gives humankind its control over the natural world - the communication between us. So integral a part of everyday life as to be taken for granted, yet so multi-faceted as to be notoriously slippery to describe and analyse, the world of communication is treated here for once from the standpoint of the arts quite as much as the sciences. Speech and body-language, fiction and music, communication by neutral networks within the brain and by satellite around the globe, all are considered together to give a fascinating view of this elusive aspect of our common humanity. The volume originates in the highly successful fourth series of Darwin College Lectures, given in 1989 under the title 'Communication'.

what is communication?
1. Communication and representation within the brain
2. Animal communication
3. Language and mind
4. Telling the truth
5. The novel as communication
6. Communication without words
7. Music as communication
8. Communication and technology