William Wordsworth in Context (Literature in Context)

William Wordsworth in Context (Literature in Context)

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Cambridge University Press, 2/12/2015
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Hardcover, 360 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm
Language: English

William Wordsworth's poetry responded to the enormous literary, political, cultural, technological and social changes that the poet lived through during his lifetime (1770‒1850), and to his own transformation from young radical inspired by the French Revolution to Poet Laureate and supporter of the establishment. The poet of the 'egotistical sublime' who wrote the pioneering autobiographical masterpiece, The Prelude, and whose work is remarkable for its investigation of personal impressions, memories and experiences, is also the poet who is critically engaged with the cultural and political developments of his era. William Wordsworth in Context presents thirty-five concise chapters on contexts crucial for an understanding and appreciation of this leading Romantic poet. It focuses on his life, circle, and composition; on his reception and influence; on the significance of late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century literary contexts; and on the historical, political, scientific and philosophical issues that helped to shape Wordsworth's poetry and prose.

Part I. Life and Works
1. Biography Stephen Gill
2. The Wordsworth circle Susan M. Levin
3. Dorothy Wordsworth Judith W. Page
4. Composition and revision Sally Bushell
5. Prose Tim Milnes
Part II. Reception and Influence
6. The critical reception, 1793–1806 David Higgins
7. The critical reception, 1807–18 Peter Simonsen
8. The critical reception, 1819–50 Richard Cronin
9. English poetry, 1900–30 Michael O'Neill
10. Wordsworth now Maureen N. McLane
Part III. Literary Traditions
11. Eighteenth-century poetry Kevis Goodman
12. The ballad tradition Daniel Cook
13. The pastoral-georgic tradition David Fairer
14. The popular tradition Ann Wierda Rowland
15. Elegy Paul H. Fry
16. The sonnet Daniel Robinson
17. Autobiography Josh Wilner
18. Epitaphs and inscriptions Samantha Matthews
19. Sensibility, sympathy and sentiment James Chandler
Part IV. Cultural and Historical Contexts
20. Revolution John Bugg
21. Poverty and crime Toby Benis
22. Europe Michael Ferber
23. War Simon Bainbridge
24. Nature and the environment Scott Hess
25. London Christopher Stokes
26. Family and friendship Anne D. Wallace
27. Education Frances Ferguson
28. Animals Kurt Fosso
29. Philosophy Stuart Allen
30. Religion Jonathan Roberts
31. The senses Noel Jackson
32. Language Alexander Regier
33. The sublime Philip Shaw
34. Walking and travel Robin Jarvis
35. Painting, spectacle and the visual Sophie Thomas
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