Wind as a Geomorphic Agent in Cold Climates (Studies in Polar Research)

Wind as a Geomorphic Agent in Cold Climates (Studies in Polar Research)

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Matti Seppälä
Cambridge University Press, 2004-06-17
EAN 9780521564069, ISBN10: 0521564069

Hardcover, 368 pages, 25.5 x 18.3 x 2.7 cm
Language: English

Wind erosion and deposition are important factors in cold climates because of the open space and scarce vegetation. Aeolian processes connected with sand drift in polar environments are similar to those in deserts but in cold environments, frost and snow also play an important role. The Arctic is characterised by strangely eroded rocks, wind-formed lakes, sand dunes and loess deposits that owe their formation to aeolian processes controlled by frost and snow cover. Wind as a Geomorphic Agent in Cold Climates presents a detailed description and explanation of these wind-generated polar landforms. It includes numerous illustrations that will assist the reader in identifying and interpreting these features; both modern-day and those preserved in the geological record. This book provides an important introduction to this area of geocryology and will form a useful reference for graduate students and researchers in a variety of fields, including geomorphology, geology and environmental science.

'The title reflects the contents, and the author, precise, well-organized, clearly stated, an impressive contribution to the 'Studies in Polar Research' series.' Boreas Book Reviews