Women's Health in Primary Care

Women's Health in Primary Care

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Cambridge University Press, 4/6/2017
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Most women initially discuss health-related matters with a medical practitioner in a primary care setting, whether they have specific concerns or are seeking advice and guidance. This practical and comprehensive guide will help primary care practitioners to deliver holistic women's health care to patients throughout different life stages. Contraceptive choices, infertility, pregnancy, and menopause are covered, along with specific diseases such as ovarian cysts, breast conditions, and ovarian cancer. All of the authors are GPs, consultants and nurses with experience of the requirements for healthcare delivery in the primary care setting. Each chapter is written in a practical style, including a list of key points and using cases to illustrate the application of the content. This will be invaluable reading for GPs, doctors in training roles, and nurses with an interest in women's health. It will be particularly useful for candidates preparing for the DRCOG or MRCGP examinations.

List of contributors
1. The physiology of the menstrual cycle and its impact on menstrual cycle disorders
practical implications for primary care Paula Briggs
2. Management of children and adolescents with gynaecological problems in primary care Jane Dickson
3. Contraceptive choices in primary care Joanna Speedie and Diana Mansour
4. Managing contraception problems in primary care Fiona Sizmur
5. Management of vaginal discharge in primary care Catherine Armitage
6. Sexually transmitted infections managed in primary care Richard Ma
7. Cervical pathology in primary care Christine Corrin
8. Management of patients with psychosexual problems in primary care Alison Vaughan
9. Infertility management in primary care Clare Searle
10. Ectopic pregnancy from a primary care perspective Jacqui Tuckey and Chantal Simonis
11. Management of miscarriage in primary care Sally Kidsley and Najia Aziz
12. Pregnancy related issues relevant for primary care Jenny Blackman
13. Postnatal care in primary care Judy Shakespeare
14. Polycystic ovary syndrome
management of a long-term condition in primary care Anne Connolly and Virginia Beckett
15. Management of premature menopause in primary care Henny Lukman, Amanda Hillard and Timothy Hillard
16. Premenstrual disorders PMD - a practical approach in primary care Carolyn Sadler
17. Non-menstrual vaginal bleeding management in primary care Clare Spencer
18. Management of the patient with suspected endometriosis in primary care Keith Louden
19. Management of the patient with heavy menstrual bleeding in primary care Helen Barnes
20. Management of the patient with continence problems in primary care Victoria Corkhill
21. Managing cystitis in primary care Tim Sayer
22. The management of ovarian cysts in primary care Sally Louden
23. Managing menopause in primary care Sarah Gray
24. Vulval dermatoses in primary care Susan Towers and Kate London
25. Management of the patient with pelvic organ prolapse in primary care Christian Phillips and Charlotte Hutchings
26. Ovarian cancer - improving outcomes
a primary care perspective Ken S. Metcalf
27. The management of endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma in primary care Dileep Wijeratne and Sian Jones
28. The management of fibroids in primary care Elizabeth Burt and Ertan Saridogan
29. Osteoperosis and fracture prevention in primary care Pam Brown
30. Management of the patient with benign and malignant breast conditions in primary care Jo Marsden and Robert Reichert